Significance of Buddha Statues

Buddha Statues, also known as the symbols of peace and compassion as Lord Buddha is referred as the Awakened One or Enlightened One and brought peace in all the lands that Lord Buddha visited and taught about Dharma and other principles of Buddhism. There are various reasons that Buddha statues are significant in the world Buddhism.

According to the history of Buddhism, after the death of Buddha, no representations of Buddhist sculptures were made for about four of five centuries because Lord Buddha said not to make any sculptures or worship any kind of Buddhist sculptures. But whatever the reason later the trend of making Buddha statues started around 1st or 2nd Centuries. And the first Statues was believed to be made in Bactria (modern Afghanistan and Pakistan) and it is believed to be the influence of Greek tradition as well as the tradition in Mathura of India. During those era, Mathura as well as Greek tradition had been in existence far long than the tradition of Buddhism existed.

Significance of Buddha Statues

Buddha statues hold quite number of significance in relation to cultural as well religious purposes.

  • Buddha statues as symbol of peace
    Many Buddhist monks and followers and many Buddhist devout see Buddha statues as the symbol of peace and compassion. Buddhism has always been symbol of peace in the world and Buddhist principles and Buddha statues are the core of Buddhism since Buddha statues represents the Buddha himself.
  • Buddha Statues as the medium of meditation
    Many Buddhist temples as well as the monasteries provides the Buddha statues as the medium to practice intense meditation. Meditation is also one of the main techniques used in Buddhism and thus leads to achieving final goal of Buddhism i.e. Nirvana or Enlightenment.
  • Buddha statues in Home and Garden
    Many Buddha statues are believed to provides various spiritual energy and if kept in Home and garden helps to regulate the chi energy and brings happiness and prosperity in the home as well garden.

These are measly some of the significance of Buddha Statues. Buddha statues can be found in various postures and gestures and also differentiate according to the hand postures too. There are various tradition that provides different styles of Buddha statues in the world.