Reclining Buddha Statues

Reclining Buddha is one of the most popular Buddha figures in all history of Buddhism. Reclining Buddha postures have the important and significant meaning behind this posture. The postures is popular since it’s involvement in the lifetime of Lord Buddha. Just before attaining Parinirvana i.e. death of Buddha, Lord Buddha was laying due to his illness and was about to attain Parinirvana, he was lying on the right flank while Lord Buddha’s head was resting in on a cushion while relying on his right elbow supporting his head with his right hand.

During this event, just before Parinirvana, Lord Buddha was sitting in reclining postures, and all the disciples of Lord Buddha along with other senior Buddhist monks were present in the moment, and all of them were listening to Lord Buddha’s last preaching in Kushinagar, an important Buddhist pilgrimage sites. In present, Reclining Buddha statues and images are quite popular and there are number of large reclining Buddha statues all over the Buddhist countries. Some examples are Wat Pho temple which houses the most popular golden reclining Buddha statues with 108 symbols in the statues feet, The Monywa Buddha statue of Myanmar etc.

Let’s see some of these popular Reclining Buddha statues all around the globe. They are:

Wat Pho Buddhist temples

Wat Pho is an important Buddhist attraction that located in Bangkok, Thailand and mostly known as the temple of Reclining Buddha statues. Wat Pho temple houses a 46m long reclining Buddha statues, and has the largest collection of Buddha images. This reclining Buddha statues is plated in gold and one of the most important statues in Wat Pho temple. The feet of this reclining Buddha statues shows the 108 symbols of Buddhism.

The Monywa Buddha statue

The Monywa Buddha statues are one of the important Buddhist attraction in Buddhist land of Myanmar. The reclining Buddha statues of Myanmar is currently the largest reclining Buddha statues in the world which is about 300 m long and also contain 9000 small Buddha images and his disciples.

Nanzion Temple

Nanzoin Temple in Japan is the Shingon sect Buddhist temple and is popular for the largest reclining Buddha statues in Japan. It is said the reclining Buddha statues in Nanzoin temple is made of Bronze material and is said to be the largest Bronze Buddha statue in the world.

Gal Bihara Temple

Gal Bihara Buddhist temple is the rock temple of Buddha statues with different postures. Gal Bihara Buddhist temple is located in Sri Lanka, and is popular for big Buddha statues i.e. Walking Buddha statue, Standing Buddha statue, and Reclining Buddha figures. The four rock relief statues of Gal Bihara temple were carved into the large granite rock and that’s what makes Gal Bihara quite especial among other Big Buddha statues.

These reclining Buddha statues are popular in the Buddhist world but are an important part of tourist attraction for the world too. These statues are the important figures that tells the important part of Buddhist history.       


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