Meaning and Importance of Lotus in Buddhism

In many religious traditions, Lotuses are represented as the symbols of purity and also represent divine birth. Being the symbol of purity, in Buddhism the lotus bloomed profusely in both Buddhist art as well as Buddhist literature. The lotus flower is one of the eight most auspicious symbols that are found in the Buddhism i.e. lotus blossom, the parasol, two golden fish, the conch shell, the vase, dharma wheel, the eternal knot. The roots of Lotus flower is muddy water, but even though beautiful lotus flower blossoms even more beautiful, clean and fragrant. The blossomed lotus flower represents the beings who rise through the life of samsara and attained enlightenment of beauty and clarity.

Some other meanings of lotus flower is the purification of spirits. It signifies the purification of spirits that are born in the world of murkiness and darkness. Another meaning of Lotus flower is considered as faithfulness i.e. in the sense, the beings who are trying and working to rise up from the muddy water must be faithful to the blossomed lotus flower. Rising above of the mud for sole purpose of blooming in to beautiful lotus requires a great faith in oneself, the teachings of Buddha, and the practice related to Buddha teachings.

Types of Lotus flower in Buddhism

In Buddhism, the blossomed Lotus flower is categorized according to the colors of lotus and their groupings. There are around 5 types of lotus flowers. They are:

White Lotus

White Lotus is the representation of Bodhi i.e. Bodhi is the state where one have pure metal states, spiritual perfection. The White lotus flower consists of eight petals that signifies eight path of Noble Middle Way.

Red Lotus

Red Lotus is the representation of nature of pure heart. This red lotus flower symbolizes true love, compassion, activity, all pure qualities of the heart. The red lotus flower is depicted with one of the important Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.

Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus is the representation of all the holy spirit’s victory over the intelligence, wisdom, senses, as well knowledge. Blue Lotus flower is mostly depicted as partially opened bud and that is the main reason that the center part of Blue lotus is never seen. Blue lotus is mostly associated with Bodhisattva Manjushree and is the embodiment of the “Perfection of Wisdom” i.e. Prajnaparamita.

Pink Lotus

Pink Lotus is considered as the supreme lotus flower, and is mostly associated with the highest deity. But pink lotus is sometimes confused with white flower which is the historical lotus flower of Lord Buddha.

Purple Lotus

Purple Lotus is one of the mystical Lotus flower. This purple lotus flower is sometimes depicted as full bloomed flower or sometimes depicted as bud.


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