Buddha and His Important Disciples

Lord Buddha, Enlightened One for forty five years helped all the sentient beings through his vast amount of knowledge and wisdom.  The present situation of Buddhism can be considered as the result of Lord Buddha’s greatest teachings as well as the principles Lord Buddha left behind in this mortal world. There are many uncountable number of Buddhist followers and disciples of Lord Buddha but among them some of these Buddhist disciples are said to be important disciples who have made their name in the history of Buddhism.

Important Disciples of Lord Buddha

Let’s see some of these important Buddhist disciples:

  1. Sariputra
    Sariputra is one of the important Buddhist disciples of Lord Buddha and was the chief disciples of Lord Buddha. Ven. Sariputra was known as the foremost in Wisdom. Before becoming the Buddhist monks, Sariputra was born in the family of Brahmin and his name was Upatissa. Lord Buddha had two chief disciples, one being Sariputra and other being Ven. Moggallana. It is believed that Both Ven. Sariputra and Ven. Moggallana were born on the same day and they became the best of friends. Ven. Sariputra was renowned for his beautiful teachings of Buddhist principles. Ven. Sariputra was known for his various extraordinary works like the events with Devadatta.
  2. Moggallana
    Moggallana, also one of the chief disciples of Lord Buddha was known as foremost in supernatural powers. Before he became Buddhist monks, his name was Maudyagalyana. He was considered as the senior teachers by most of the Buddhist monks and his possession of supernatural powers helps all the other sentient beings whether they are junior Buddhist monks or human.
  3. Mahakasyapa
    Mahakasyapa, one of the senior Buddhist monks is also the important disciples of Lord Buddha. Ven. Mahakasyapa was known as foremost in ascetic practices. Mahakasyapa, was the one of the senior Monks who started the tradition of Sangha after the death of Lord Buddha. Ven. Mahakasyapa was the first Buddhist monks along with Ven. Ananda who preached on the Buddhist sutra to 500 buddhist monks in the Sangha.
  4. Subhuti
    Ven. Subhuti, other important disciples of Lord Buddha was known as foremost in understanding the emptiness. It is believed that he was very good at explaining the doctrines of Emptiness or Sunyata to junior Buddhist monks. Since he was foremost in Emptiness, he is mentioned in the Prajnaparamita of Mahayana Buddhism.
  5. Purna Maitrayani Putra
    Ven. Purna was a rich family Brahmin born in the family of religious advisor of the King. Purna was foremost in the debating the Dharma and it is said that Purna preferred to give public sermons. It is also said that Ven. Purna was mentioned in many stories and it mentioned him in debate with many great monks of other religions about Dharma.
  6. Katyayana
    Ven. Katyayana  was foremost in spreading Dharma unlike any other Buddhist disciples. He quickly attained Buddhahood after following Lord Buddha and was extremely enthusiast when it comes to spreading Dharma to whole world. He always believed 10 qualities of Dharma one must possess. They are Knowing the Dharma, explaining Dharma, publicly speaking of Dharma, finding skillful means to spread Dharma, following what is preached, pleasant personality, possessing true energy, command respects and tired less.
  7. Aniruddha
    Aniruddha was one of the seven Shakya prince who became the followers of Lord Buddha and was the cousin of Lord buddha. According to history of Buddhism, Aniruddha and Ananda became the followers of Lord Buddha at the same time. Aniruddha, being the foremost in the attentiveness, also possess the heavenly eye and became the master of clairvoyance. It is said that after Lord Buddha, he was most capable of using clairvoyance powers.
  8. Upali
    Upali, was one of the most popular Buddhist disciples who became the Buddhist monks even being the barber and low caste. It is said that Ven. Upali was ordained before seven Shakya Princes was foremost in upkeeping the precepts. Ven. Upali took part in the First Buddhist council and helped in the compilation of Buddhist principles i.e. Vinaya.
  9. Rahula
    Rahula, the youngest disciples to attained the Enlightenment at the age of 18, was foremost in having the desire for the instruction of the Dharma. Ven. Rahula was the biological son of Lord Buddha and was ordained when he was still a child.
  10. Ananda
    It is rare to see if any Buddhist monks don’t know the name of Ven. Ananda. Ananda was the closest Buddhist disciples of Lord Buddha and Ven. Ananda sit beside the Lord Buddha. It is said that Ven. Ananda attined enlightenment after the death of Lord Buddha and two chief disciples. He also was involved in the first Buddhist council. Ven. Ananda took great care of Lord Buddha during his 25 years of services to Lord Buddha.

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