Hair of Lord Buddha – Getting rid of Weed of Ignorance

Among the various features of the Lord Buddha statues, hair of Lord Buddha has quite important meanings. Hair of Buddha is mostly depicted as the curly hair like an African. It is even brought upto the debate whether the Lord Buddha is an African depending upon his hair. But as the history have shown that Lord Buddha was born in the royal family of Shakya Clan who lived in the plain of Kapilvastu that lies in the Landlocked Country Nepal, in the present time.

But according to Buddhist tradition, we can find many different kinds of amazing facts on Buddha hairs. Hair of Buddha engraved in the Buddha images and Buddha statues are also said to be have hidden meanings. It is believed that when Lord Buddha left the life of royalty to become an ascetic, he had long curly hairs and after leaving the royal kingdom, he cut his hair with a knife looking like a monk and left the palace.

It is said that hair is the representation of one’s illusion and ignorance and the hair is also popularly known as the weed of ignorance and the action of Lord Buddha cutting his hair represents that he got rid of the weeds of ignorance. In Buddhism, the process of cutting and shaving the hair is said to provide the “determination to keep the body as well as the mind clean in order to fully grasp the full and true understanding” thus attaining Enlightenment.

Historical Evidence of Lord Buddha’s hair

Even though many styles and different variation of Buddha statues as well as Buddha images are made, it doesn’t possible represent the real figure of Buddha since these various styles made the some various unique characteristics in the Buddha statues. But one small historical evidence briefly said that a hunter happened to stumbled upon the Lord buddha while he was meditating in the forest and it is also said that Lord Buddha was bald. But in the same evidence, a hunter saw Lord buddha with hair wearing monk’s robe.


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