Eyes of the Gautama Buddha

Lord Buddha also know as the Light of Asia and the founder of Buddhism and represents the religion of peace, compassion, harmony and wisdom. Lord buddha attained Enlightenment after years of hardship and intense meditation and started teaching the principles of his knowledge and got recognized for his exceptional knowledge, insight and wisdom. Even though Lord Buddha said not to worship or make any kind of sculptures out of respect to Lord Buddha, later many Buddha statues, Buddha images, monasteries, stupa were made in various Buddhist countries which were due to the high influence of Greek and Pala styles of statues.

Eyes of Buddha in Buddhist Tradition

According to Buddhist tradition, Buddhism contains a large number of Buddhist symbols and each of these Buddhist symbols and important events. One of the reclining Buddha statues i.e. Ratanakoshin Buddha Statues have got around 108 Buddhist symbols in its legs and each of these symbols is crafted with precise technique and that means these symbols hold important meanings and these symbols must be visible to fully show its importance. Among all these Buddhist Symbols, Eyes of Buddha is also one of them and holds an important role in Buddhism. Every Buddhist shrine all over the world is made with three eyes that depict the eyes of Buddha himself.

eyes of buddha, eyes of Buddhism

Eyes of Buddha

These three eyes holds quite important meanings in the Buddhism. According to legend, every Buddhist Stupa contains giant pairs of eyes and the third eyes above the pair of eyes in all four directions and it is also believed that these eyes look after every sentient being in all direction. These eyes are known as Buddha Eyes i.e. (Wisdom Eyes) and these eyes also represents the symbols of all seeing or omniscience of Buddha. According to legend, Lord Buddha was able to see through all with his omniscience eyes.

During the lifetime of Lord Buddha, when two chief disciples i.e. Sariputra and Mahamoggallana first came into the contact of Ven. Buddhist monk Assaji, they heard about the one who knew the existence of one who after death and went to Lord Buddha. And then when they arrive near Lord Buddha then Lord said that two monks are coming who will become great disciples of Lord Buddha. And as he said they became one of the most important Buddha disciples and provides important works in the field of Buddhism. Sariputra became the General of Dharma and Mahamoggallana became the Venerable of Super Powers.

Eyes of Buddha in Buddhist Stupa

The eyes in the Buddhist stupa represent the all-seeing ability of Buddha and these pairs of Buddha is believed to watch all the sentient beings in all four directions and the third eye of the Buddhist stupa are believed to protect and help all sentient beings that these pairs of eyes watched. According to Buddhist tradition, these wisdom eyes helps all the sentient beings in all four directions to conquer over the darkness of ignorance through the light of wisdom and compassion.


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